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These are the services I usually provide:

- translation (one person translates, a second person edits)

- editing and proofreading (Edition of typos, preferred terminology, grammar, etc; proofreading of the formatted version to ensure the final document looks as the original)

- transcription & translation (Transcription of tapes, and transcription + translation)

- multilingual project management (when a project involves more than 2 languages, I can coordinate a group of translators, editors, desk top publishers and proofreaders)


My languages

I work with English, French and Catalan into Spanish (US and Spain).

When the subject matter, language pairs, or Spanish dialect are not the ones I master, I inform you, and offer managing the project and coordinating with all the parts envolved to ensure you get a perfect translation without the hassle.

All projects are prepared by native translators and editors.


I’m waiting for your call (+1-248-921-3956) to discuss your needs and the purpose of your translated materials. If you prefer, you can email me or connect with me on LinkedIn.



I generally offer two ways of handling price:

  • a flat fee
  • a per word fee

The fees vary greatly depending on your needs (non modifiable source document, need for an editor, proofreader, need for DTP, changes in the middle of the project, rush, etc.)

The best way to figure out a quote is to send me the documents that need to be translated. I will look at them, and we will talk so that I understand the purpose of the document, how it will be used, deadline, etc.

I will send you a detailed quote with a timeline and once you approve it, we will start the project.


translation fees

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Needle Arts

Certified translations (legal, immigration)

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Benefits


Your subject matter isn’t covered in that list? That’s not a problem. Get in touch with me and I’ll provide you with an exact quote for your project, or I will guide you through the process of finding your translator.




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