If you need personal documents of official documents translated from Spanish, Catalan or French into English, by a professional, fast and confidentially: I’m your translator.

These are some of the documents I have translated in the past to be sent to the USCIS, universities or banks:


Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, immunization cards, police reports, ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, school transcripts, school diplomas, bank statements.


In order to receive a fast quote, please send me an email with a clearly scanned version of the document to be translated     (I need to be able to read all the fine print OR small print).

You should also specify the purpose of the translation, as the USCIS requests certified translations, but some other agencies could request a notarized translation. This information is key to quote, translate and send your final package without delays.

Legal translations, Spanish certified translation


    1. Scan and e-mail a readable copy of the document to be translated (front and back).  Explain the purpose of the translation and what kind of translation you have been requested (are there specifications?).
    2. I will then provide you with an exact quote for the project.
    3. Pay the fee in advance by check or PayPal. I will send you the link and work will begin upon payment.
    4. I will send the certified translation to the address provided through regular mail (included in the quote).


And here is a general idea of how much those translations cost. Bear in mind that the documents will be translated and formatted to look as close to the original as possible.

Your translation package will include: Certificate of translation (as requested by the USCIS, or similar), translation, postage for regular mail.

Typical rates:

1 page document: $50

2 page document: $100

Notarization of the Certificate of Translation: $20 (The USCIS does not typically request notarization)

If you are unsure about which category your document falls into, I will be happy to help you sort it out.



How will it look?


You will receive a package with a Certificate of Translation on Let’s Word’s letterhead, stating my academic qualifications and professional information, the translated document, and the copy of your document.

I have done many translations for immigration purposes and I personally know how stressful the whole process is. I always provide my translations on time, and strive to give the best service and care.

Still not convinced about trusting me with your translation needs? Read about my background and education.


You can also find my profile on LinkedIn and the ATA website.

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Traducción para inmigración

Entradas al blog, en español (Some links to the blog, in Spanish)

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En esta entrada menciono 5 consejos para que tus documentos de inmigración traducidos no tengan problemas.


You can also find my profile on LinkedIn and the ATA website.

Connect with me on Linked in!

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