Cassy Tefft de Muñoz

Director of Educational Outreach

Michigan Technological University


I approached Leyre with a very time sensitive request and she was able to help me right away and with excellent service. The document she provided me was professional, accurate, and exactly what I needed. Thank you!

flor de magnolio

Priscilla Colon

School and Faculty Support Manager

Transparent Language

Between 2017 and 2018, I hired/worked with Leyre on a couple of different translation and vocabulary list creation projects for two of Transparent Language's government customers. The content was for highly stringent programs that required quick turnaround times and careful work. Leyre's tasks entailed extracting key vocabulary words, phrases, and sentences from source documents, translating the content into Spanish, and adding any culture or grammar comments that might be necessary. Leyre excelled at all of the tasks she took on. She read the project guidelines thoroughly, asked questions when needed, and communicated promptly throughout the projects. Moreover, the work she delivered was pristine. I can't recommend Leyre enough. She is one of the most trustworthy contractors I have ever worked with, and I would hire her for any of my projects again in a heartbeat.

Christopher J. Huber

President, Owner

Language Enterprises


I have known Leyre for many years and she has always been a go-to person for competent, professional English > Spanish translations. Her experience, dedication and expertise are an invaluable asset for both small and large projects. I have the utmost confidence in her, as Leyre has always been extremely dependable. It is my hope she continues translating for many years to come.

Let's word recommendation

Lori Vance

Associate Content Project Manager

Transparent Language

I’ve hired Leyre for tasks such as translation, review, and audio recording. Every time I hire Leyre I trust her to deliver the highest quality work. She thinks critically beyond the instructions to see the project as a whole. She will ask the right questions. Her attention to detail and thoroughness show how much she cares about the task at hand. She identifies and communicates issues clearly and early, which allows time to react and still hit target delivery timelines. As a project manager this skill is invaluable to me! When I delegate work to Leyre I feel confident that it will be done correctly and on time. Not to mention, it’s always a pleasure to work with her. I would recommend her every time!

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